Advanced Lease


With this program we cover your every need - service with a budget fixed monthly output. It is addressed to companies with car fleets, and combines the quality of Executive Lease services with the excellent cooperation of each manufacturer.

The Advanced program includes

  • Depreciation of car capital
  • Financing costs
  • Consultant services
  • Insurance for material and bodily injuries to third parties
  • Personal driver safety
  • 24-hour road assistance
  • Coverage of own losses
  • Security against theft, fire, broken glasses, malicious acts, terrorist acts, natural phenomena, damage from an uninsured vehicle
  • Complete scheduled maintenance and coverage of emergency car breakdowns in authorized workshops according to the manufacturer's schedule
  • Technical inspection (KTEO) costs
  • Tire replacement
  • Traffic taxes
  • Replacement of the car, within 24 hours in case of immobilization due to damage or accident, until it is repaired
  • Registration costs
  • My online car
  • Reporting